Meet other transformation and innovation leaders

Take part in the WeTransform Virtual Summit. Five days and 30+ interactive authentic sessions. Build your network and get inspired.

WeTransform lets you meet other transformation leaders

Transforming and innovating within an organisation is a lonely job. It generates all kinds of feelings and pressure. 

And the only people who understand what it's like are fellow transformation leaders. Not your team. Not your friends. And probably not your partner. That's why I started WeTransform.

WeTransform events let you meet other transformation leaders and talk confidentially about what's going on in your business – and in your head.


I do! This is me, Ian Harris. I started WeTransform because I wanted to run the kind of event I would want to attend myself.

I have spent 10 years working in change and transformation for big companies. Whenever I go to a transformation conference, I always find them a bit boring. There are some nice people there, but everything I hear is too abstract and vague. Or it's focused on some random technology instead of actual human beings. 

So I started my own! It's WeTransform. Hope you like it.

This is me – Ian Harris. I run WeTransform, and I try hard to make it interesting. You can connect with me on LinkedIn if you like.

Does WeTransform Exist Beyond the Virtual Conference?

Yes – there are also live events! They happen in the Shoreditch Treehouse – a fun penthouse ‘treehouse’ in the middle of Shoreditch. (Keira Knightley used to live there, fact fans.)

For the moment though we're focused on online events – like the WeTransform virtual summit.

Can I Speak at WeTransform?

Possibly! Here's what we look for in a speaker.

WeTransform is about the actual thrills and spills of changing an organisation. We look for authentic, crunchy war stories – told by people who were personally involved.

In other words, an honest mess – not a tidy lie.

So great topics might be:

  • An interesting mistake you’ve made – and what you’ve learned from it.
  • New and original things you’ve done (or are doing) around change or transformation.
  • Wins or challenges that others can learn from.
  • War-stories about transformation or business change.
  • Controversial or unusual opinions about running a business.

If you'd like to speak, please email ian@we-transform.co.uk

What topics DON'T work?

I believe that when you run events your #1 responsibility is to make them interesting.

(It's also your #2 responsibility, your #3 responsibility and so on.)

That's why we don’t really go for talks that are broad, vague, or sound like a vendor white paper.

Here’s a few examples of talks that DON’T work for WeTransform:

  • The future of work: are homes the office of the future?
  • Digital transformation – a necessary disruption?
  • Unlock the potential of multicloud visibility
  • etc etc

You get the idea.

WeTransform is about the ins and outs of actually creating change.

It isn’t concerned with the health of a particular industry or technology. So we don’t look for talks about “the future of digital” or things like that.


We have lots of formats – so if you’re not a natural public speaker, that’s no problem. We will work with you to find one that lets you tell your story in the best possible way.

Formats include:

  • Traditional stage talk with slides

  • “Campfire session” – where you take part in a small discussion with interested delegates

  • Fireside chat, where somebody asks you questions

  • Webinar – where you either present or you’re interviewed

They tend to be about 20-30 minutes long.

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