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Next session: Rethinking and reimagining post-Covid

2pm, Thursday 18th June 2020

Join this session and hear from other transformation leaders about how we're rethinking and re-imaging our organisations post-Covid.

What will change? What will stay the same?

Eventually, lots will go back to normal – but at the same time there's a LOT of toothpaste that isn't going to back into the tube, however hard you try.

Join other transformation and innovation leaders each month. The events happen online at the moment – but I thought I'd use a picture from one of our live events because it looks better on the page. (Sue me ?)

What people say

We try to make these sessions fun and interesting. Here's what people say.


Thank you for a really informative discussion. It was great to hear from such a broad group and various sectors and feel like we have shared pains and wins. Really appreciated the chance to be involved.

Havana Abid – SVP Global Transformation & Strategic Change – Pearson


A short note to say I’m very glad to have come across WeTransform, and to have had the opportunity to join the call today. It was a great transparent conversation. I look forward to future sessions.

Nadia Hutchinson – Global HR Operations Director – Kantar

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