Alex Sargent and Sinan Gul  – Lessons Learned Transforming a 125 year-old Beauty Giant

"Hear how a small team transformed a global beauty care organisation"


Alex Sargent, Partner – Ignytive

Sinan Gul, Partner – Ignytive

One of the world's best-known beauty companies underwent the biggest and most significant reorganisation in its history.

Alex Sargent and Sinan Gul were key members of the transformational team that realigned the business.

At WeTransform they will tell the story and touch on these lessons:

  • Preparing for politics. Why remaining true to your values and objectives will drive you through.
  • Choosing your transformation team. Why having  a dedicated team with the right capabilities, skills and energy is essential.
  • Having the right program methodology. The importance of setting your internal program methodology that fits the culture, including identifying quickly your ‘governance structure’.
  • Balancing bad news with good news. How do you balance bad news with the eventual good news – such as a fitter, more productive organisation?

Join us and hear some hard-learned lessons from transforming a global organisation. 

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