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Who is using WeTransform?

Hundreds of companies use WeTransform, for their own use, for their customers, or as agencies

For yourself: Accelerate file transformation

If you regularly have files to transform to comply to different formats, WeTransform is a great way to automate

👉 Define your target template, including all its constraints such as mandatory columns, attributes constraints etc. 

👉 Then, upload your file, and let the magic work. Transform your file direclty into the target format.

👉 Once happy, automate those steps and repeat them every day, week, month.

"WeTransform has a feature that asks questions to users when they make a mistake and automatically solves the issue. Wow, really impressive."

Sylvain Mançois
Product Owner

Every month, we receive CSV file from several partners which we need to uniformize. WeTransform makes it easy.

Mohamed Ryiad
Product designer

For your app: onboard your customers faster

As a developer, your customers regularly need to upload files to your app, WeTransform is a great file import tool for you. 

👉 Define your different templates, with all your constraints.

👉 Embed WeTransform seemlessly into your website.

👉 Define all error handling in WeTransform.

👉 Let your users upload their files easily and very fast.

👉 Receive your data, in the exact format you want to receive it.

"As a marketplace, our partners upload files to us all the time to create products on our site. WeTransform simplifies this process for them, and us."

Iqbal Swam

We embedded WeTransform into our website. It saved us from developing a file importer, is faster, and easier to maintain for us.

Jasper Hastings

As an agency: transform for your customers

Your operate an agency where your customers delegate their file management and transformation to you.

👉 Manage files for all your customers within WeTransform, and centralize work.

👉 Clearly pilot your customers as distinct companies. 

👉 Run daily batches for your customers, automatically.

👉 Divide the work it takes for you to operate your customer's work and increase your profits.

"Our customers rely on us to deal with their feeds and files. We use WeTransform to take suppliers feeds and change them with rules for our customers' Shopify."

Matt Kunning
Business Developer

WeTransform is our main tool to process our customers' product and stock feeds. It adapts to whatever format and requirement is needed.

Mike Lee
Growth Manager

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