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We are three partners, Valérie, Alain and Stéphane, and share the same passion for data and good software. We've known each other for years, and have been working together in previous businesses. 

In our previous experience with Sellermania, we faced a challenge: adapt product feeds that came from hundreds of merchants and make them comply to precise flat file rules for Amazon, Cdiscount, and hundreds of other marketplaces.

No tool existed to do this... so we decided to build it. That's how we were able to create millions of product sheets on Amazon: by transforming people's files.

10 years later, we found that many other people have the same need to upload data seemlessly to any system. Although their need is often much simpler than what we've been used to!

WeTransform was born.

Alain Tiemblo, CTO, has spent his career developing and managing software projects. With 7 years at Blablacar and 5 years at Sellermania, and holding an engineering degree from Epitech, Alain is a software and security expert.

Valérie Legrand, CFO, has co-founded Sellermania with Stéphane, and was previously a product manager at Amazon. She has an extensive experience in building software businesses and is holding a MBA from Cornell University.

Stéphane Jauffret, CEO, has previously co-founded Sellermania, and served as General Manager Books and Marketplace at Amazon. He's a software lover and is holding a MBA from Cornell University.

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