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The new way data is imported
from  JSON
 files into your app

Wetransform is a powerful file Importer Tool For SaaS Companies.
It helps developers design a new user experience when uploading files to their SaaS app.

Most SaaS businesses have a flat file import functionality

They usually develop their own, and ask their customers to comply to a specific data format.

There's a better way. 👇

Stop wasting valuable development time

You have better things to do than developing a file import tool. Your app needs you to focus on what's core business for you. And your users need a slick and easy way to add data to your app.

Flat file import tools take time to develop

They usually are not core business, yet a must have

And often a complex first experience for your customers

Fast, easy and powerful tool for your app

WeTransform is a powerful no-code tool for importing CSV files into SaaS applications. Auto matches CSV data with your application.

Implement easily and seemlessly into your website

Transform customer data directly into your format

Automatically read CSV and map to your constraints

Save yourself dev time and make your customers smile

"WeTransform is easy to configure and extremely flexible. It frees developers from developing their own file importer, and allows to receive data directly into the right format." 

Alain Tiemblo
CTO Squadra Software

Speed up your customer data onboarding

Your customers will not think they are importing files

Define your detailed constraints, data and file formats, and update it with no code.

Embed in no time, to your colors and graphic design. 

Anticipate your customer's data quality and automatically clean it with business or technical rules.

Data is hosted in Europe, and compliant with GDPR, highly secured application.

Automatically map your customer data to your values, constraints and column names.

Customers don't need to know your format before sending their files. They are guided by the application.

When AI could not resolve a constraint, the app asks simple questions to your users.

Users can automate their file transmission, this makes it fast and intuitive for them.

Accelerate your user onboarding

We make transmitting files easy, even for non technical customers. Automated matching, pre-built transformation rules make it a breeze for your users.

Adapt to any format constraints

Tens of built-in functions, rules, conditions, allow you to adapt to any flatfile format you want to target. Easily make changes when you need.

The reason I tried WeTransform is that I needed an easy tool to embed into my app, to allow our customers to send us daily files. It totally filled the role, in a powerful and super modern way.

VP of Marketing Pied Piper

We're an e-commerce agency and need to constantly transform files for our customers. We used to have scripts everywhere to do the job. WeTransform is solving this problem and saving us hours every week.

COO Hooli

Flexible to setup

No code required yet fully customizable. Adapt WeTransform to your constraints.

Easy for your users

Upload files and let WeTransform automatically match the target schema.

Trusted by leaders

1000 users including companies such as BMW, L'Oreal and Samsung

Ready to test the new way to import files?

Try our free version and see by yourself. No credit card required.

The most powerful drag and drop file importer

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