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We don't share your data. Period.

Built for developers: Embed our new file importer in your website

We make the SaaS file upload a wow experience for both your developers and your users

Uploading a file to a SaaS is often a tedious experience

Users need to understand your required format, spend time on Excel, deal with errors. They have better things to do.

Speed up your data onboarding by 10x

Easily embed an efficient file importer. Your users will easily upload their files to your system and start using your app faster.

We used to have support and engineering resources fo import our customers files. Very costly and inefficient. We implemented WeTransform: it saves us a ton of time and headache for our customers and works like a charm.

Erik Balmer
Lead developer Pied Piper

SPEED UP your customer data onboarding

Your customers will not think they are importing files

Define your detailed constraints, data and file formats, and update it with no code.

Embed in no time, to your colors and graphic design.

Anticipate your customer's data quality and automatically clean it with business or technical rules.

Data is hosted in Europe, and compliant with GDPR, highly secured application.

Automatically map your customer data to your values, constraints and column names.

Customers don't need to know your format before sending their files. They are guided by the application.

When AI could not resolve a constraint, the app asks simple questions to your users.

Users can automate their file transmission, this makes it fast and intuitive for them.

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